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Film on Fridays: Jennifer’s Body is a Total Bust

September 19, 2009

Jennifer’s Body is terrible. No, not just high-school terrible, actually terrible. I know, if you plan to see Jennifer’s Body, you’re going in with low expectations, but none of your expectations will be met. You’re strictly better off doing something else. See it on DVD if you must.

What you might expect:

A cheesy but sexy horror-comedy about Megan Fox fucking a bunch of dudes and then eating them. Basically a Sam Raimi movie with more cleavage.

This took way more work to make than I'd rather acknowledge.

The boner you're experiencing right now is perfectly natural.

What you get:

A dull, lifeless snark-fest, incompetently directed, with no actual awareness of horror or comedy tropes, let alone affection for them. And it’s not even that sexy. Basically a Scary Movie with more cleavage.

I guess this is sexist somehow, but THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE.

More breasts after the jump.

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Film on Fridays: Everything Is Terrible! The Movie!

July 24, 2009

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before.  I’ve probably never mentioned this before.  But I fucking love Everything is Terrible!.  For those not keen on the premise, the good folks at EiT! essentially go around finding old video tapes and things from discount bins and small-town libraries and hunt through them for the most awkward and ill-thought-out bits, which they then edit humorously and display on their wonderfully basic-Blogspot-format internet-nickelodeon.  It is the job that I would take if I had to kill a plump white baby with my teeth to get it.

About a month ago, EiT! came out with their first feature movie made of strung-along clips, titled, puzzlingly, Everything is Terrible!  The Movie!, which you can order in DVD form from their website.  So far, the DVD has received a pretty glowing review from the Onion AV Club, and has been viewed by me two (2) times.  What could my impressions be?  Will I be let down?  Will I regret sending $20 to people for mashing together stolen intellectual property?

You better read this review to find out!  This is incredibly important for you to do!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!

Oh My Gosh!!!

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fucken hipsters: The Kermit Poncho

July 22, 2009

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those fucken hipsters: 6/22/09

June 22, 2009