…the Heuristic Squelch

Mission Statement: To champion the good, to eradicate evil, to occasionally make you half-heartedly chuckle right before Psych 2.

Biography: The Heuristic Squelch is UC Berkeley’s only intentionally funny publication. The magazine was founded in 1991, only a few years after the demise of  The Pelican (est. 1903), which fell apart “sometime in the eighties”.  We publish five to six issues every academic year. We mostly distribute by passing out magazines (for free!) on lower Sproul, though a paid subscription service is also available for alumni and parents who live outside of Berkeley.

Accomplishments: We have no accomplishments to list other than that we managed to spend our time making a magazine rather than drinking and weeping (an ever-present temptation for those of our kind.)

Who We Are:

Editor-in-Chief: Brett Hallahan
Creative Editors: Lena Brooks, Max Ebert, Rebecca Power
Graphics Editor: Sarah Jeong

Deputy Creative Editor: Erik Krasner-Karpen
Deputy Design Editor: Katy Yoshida

Editor Emeritus: David Hollingsworth

What We Are Up To: Working on our next issue, due out the second week of March.

How to Join: David has a detailed post on the process. General Meetings are every Wednesday, 7-8 pm in 262 Dwinelle.  If you have anything you want to show us, send it to submit@squelched.com.

Contact Us: Our website can be found at squelched.com. We answer e-mails at feedback@squelched.com.


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