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The Good, the Bad, and the Horrifying – Web Comics

May 18, 2009


Someone, I can’t remember who, but it was probably some morally repugnant Frenchman, once said “90% of everything is crap.”  I would submit to you of that 90%, a good 35% or so actually reaches into the territory of the appallingly shitty.  With this in mind, I’d like to introduce YET ANOTHER FUCKING RECURRING SERIES OF POSTS, this time dedicated to showcasing good, bad, and mindbendingly atrocious examples from the author’s field of choice.  I’m leaving this general, because I’d like other authors on here to try their hand at it in their respective fields of interest.  Because I am what doctors refer to as “dead inside”, I have chosen for my maiden voyage the topic of Web Comics.

Web Comics, as a medium, get a bad rap.  This might be due to the fact that they are almost categorically unreadable, made by the second lowest dregs of society in order to entertain the first lowest, employing the most intellectually bankrupt artistic methods available, more or less entirely for the purposes of T-shirt sales.  They represent the worst of the democratization of culture brought on by the internet: without the trial-by-fire of professional critique and with the addition of ease-of-access from legions of sycophantic readers, web comic artists are able to churn out mediocre-to-terrible product after mediocre-to-terrible product, all while assuming that they are either somehow pioneers of their craft or heirs to the throne of ironically-equally-shitty-newspaper comics.  Except that some of them are kind of okay.  I’ll tell you what sets the wheat apart from the rest of the rancid, offensive chaff!

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