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Weekend Video Jamboree – 5/2/10

May 2, 2010

Oh, man, we haven’t done this in a while.  Here’s a bunch of videos that are cool, I guess.

You’re Doing It Wrong

This video is amazing.  It’s the essence of documentary filmmaking: raw video with as little editing or narrative intervention as possible, but with a clearly established thesis.  Plus it’s got people doin’ a bunch of goofy bonehead crap!!


Parrot Dancing to Dubstep

I don’t care, it’s a parrot, and it’s dancing.


Excusememamwhereisthebathroom: Answer the Door

There’s a whole genre of Youtubes based on hideous CGI animation programs and their inexplicable results, and this is one of the more painstaking products of that movement.  A lot of it is pretty “lol random monkey cheese”, but there’s a few random pockets of quality to be found as well.  Please to enjoy: whatever this is.


A Bunch Of Spiders Or Whatever These Are

Apparently their more accepted name is Harvestman!  Here is all of them ever to exist on one tree!


A Bunch Of These Hilarious Audition Video Things

These are the best watch them.

This one is the best of them all, just fyi:


All right, that’s it ya goobers, see ya next week !!!


Weekend Video Jamboree – 2/21/10

February 21, 2010

This week, it’s a JAMboree, in that all these videos are my jam.  They are all my jams.

The RoboCop Rap

This is done by the same guys that did the Predator Rap and the like.  The lyrics and and the inclusion of lines from the movie are fun and all, but the real reason to listen to this is to hear the remix of the RoboCop theme, which is the best theme from the best movie.  RoboCop is the best movie, I’m not sure if you were aware of that, but there it is in case you weren’t.


Major Lazer – Keep it Goin’ Louder

I’ve only recently been getting into Major Lazer, which I think means they are officially not cool any more.  However, they let Eric Wareheim and the guys behind Lasagna Cat do a music video for them, so they basically will have David Cred ™ for the rest of their days.


Predators Popping and Locking

This has been making the rounds recently, and I like the reasoning: it was apparently locked in a vault or something until very recently.  How much more precious footage of Danny Glover dancing and singing half-heartedly exists without our knowledge?!


Russian Guy in Bear Suit – Umbrella

There’s not much to really comment on here, it’s just quality as far as the eye can see.


Ear Wax Removal

The music in the back of this is what I want playing in the background of my life at all times.  Oh, also, don’t watch this video unless you are like me and find these kind of things are inexplicably cathartic.  God, when he gets that huge chunk out at 3:57, it’s like winning the Superbowl.


That’s it for this week!   ‘Night!


Weekend Video Jamboree – 2/14/10

February 14, 2010

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s day.  Not in the sense that everyone should have bought into the excess or had their loneliness rubbed in their face once again; I just hope you had a good day today, which just happens to be Valentine’s — Aw, forget it!  Here’s some videos.

Trailer for Something Involving Jackie Chan Somehow

This is supposed to be a trailer, but I have no idea what the product is that they’re trying to show me.  Is this a movie?  A TV show?  Also, what the hell is happening in any of this?  It only gets more confusing as it goes on.  China, if you’re going to take over global superiority, you’re really going to have to shape up in the celebrity-endorsed indescribable cultural artifact department.


Charlie Brooker’s News Report

If you guys don’t watch Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe you really ought to, it is like if The Daily Show only made six episodes a year.  Anyway, here’s two minutes of one of the six episodes they made this year.


The Best Cover of The Final Countdown

Improves on the original in almost every way.


Guy Records Own Live Webcast, Causing His Horrible Voice to Cascade into Infinity

Do not watch this video.


Mass Effect 2: Krogan Mod

Video games own, video games with ridiculous modding possibilities own harder.


Good night.


Weekend Video Jamboree – 2/6/10

February 6, 2010

I’ve eaten nothing but Indian food and donuts today.  Here’s some videos.

Our Turn Now

What happens once you take away school prayer?  Inter-racial kissing. And sweet sweet keytar beats.


Pug Goes Digging

I can’t believe that a time existed when I didn’t have immediate access to videos like these.  Watching these is basically all I do, at all.


This Is The Unveiling

Oh My God Look At This Dude And His Ridiculous Family


Guy In Background of News Thing

You’ve probably seen this, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s well worth it for the little coy peak back the guy does at the end.


Ginger Kid Funk Soul Remix

I wouldn’t make fun of this kid to his face, but, man, going to the internet to dramatically complain about a five-year-old South Park episode is just asking for it.  And making inexplicable shrill noises throughout is just asking for someone to turn it into a jam of some kind.


Good night!  I’m going to eat a cake now!


Weekend Video Jamboree – 12/12/09

December 12, 2009

Hey everyone!

I’m not going to address my absence at all.  Have some videos!!!

Usher, ft. G.Y.L.A.M. – Papers




It’s Christmas!

Oh my God, look at this kid.  This kid has it figured out.  I don’t even know what it is he has figured out but whatever it is it is the fuel that my blackened heart needs to make me remember that there is love.


Tiger Woods Defends Wife

How are these people real.  How did I not come up with this after a bite from a chubby hipster turned me into a Were-Eric Wareheim.  Were-Heim?  I should write all this down.


Egg Shaped Face Probably Says Dumb Things

Dude look like he got a bad Perfect Dark face texture wrapped around that egg-ass head of his.


United 93 as retold with GTA: San Andreas

Hey Khalikh Sheikh Mohammed you lookin a lil thin, man.


That’s it see you next week I Love You!


Weekend Video Jamboree – 10/24/09 – REEEEEmix

October 24, 2009


hay guys so david hasn been doing this feature much lately actually i havn been blogging much either but you know i kind of just got busy with things like

anyways  WHO WENT TO TREASURE ISLAND LAST WEEK EEEEEEEEH?? it was pretty bombass wasn’t it?! i think i liked mstrkrft the best. i was kind of disappointed in girl talk, but they are more gimmicky than anything! so let’s look/listen to gimmicky music videos!

incidentally, all of these are best seen through the site (three o’s, three u’s, and three u’s again).

Girl Talk – Feed the Animals

I’ve linked this before, but it’s so much better with a huge fucking embedded video, ISN’T IT?! For some reason it is hard to find the full set of Feed the Animals videos, but THE INTERWEB CANNOT FOOL THE ELITE SQLOG CORPS. Here is the full set, taken from several different sets of uploads– hopefully the intranet po-po won’t get up on this shit. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14



Fagottron has a number of awesome videos, but this is my favorite. Especially when viewed through


A Haaaaaandbaaag?! (Remix)

I love “The Importance of Being Ernest“, I love The Importance of Being Ernest, and I love A Handbag ?! Ergo, I love A Handbag feat. Edit Evans:


Grey Video

If you don’t know The Grey Album, I just feel sorry for you. The Grey Video is fun despite (because?) it being so lo-fi and downright silly.


We Will Rock and Roll Beverly Hills

Ehhhh fuck Weezer.


People who go to Weezer concerts clearly want to have MGMT & Lady Gaga played at them

Yeah, seriously, fuck Weezer.


WANT MORE MASH-UP GOODNESS?! Well, fortunately for you, TONIGHT is Bootie, a bimonthly mash-up themed party in SF. 21+, fortunately/unfortunately (18+ parties tend to be pretty annoying, IMO). Have a great weekend!


The Internet-in-Brief, 10/21/09: Multimedia Edition

October 22, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

Oh man, if only we had some kind of a feature where we posted nothing but internet videos!

Here is the current state of political affairs, told in hilariously bad youtubes:

International Affairs

Religious edition.


Our Relationship With the Media

David Vitter! Remember David Vitter? What a moral compass.


Healthcare, Pt. 1


Healthcare, Pt. 2


Fiscal Responsibility



Campaign Strategy


Post-campaign blues