The Internet in Brief – 3/1/10

March 1, 2010

  • It has now been over a full year since anyone wrote anything on the Cal Patriot’s blog.  Is everything all right, Cal Patriot?  Come back!  We miss your contrarian viewpoints, your flimsy apologetics for Proposition 8, and the fact that you have the unmitigated gall to call essential hate speech cauldron Free Republic.com a “cool site” on the bottom of your blog page.  Get better soon!
  • Every episode of the UK version of The Office is available to view on Hulu, which I think is Pretty Neat.  It’s only, like, twelve episodes, because that’s how those lazy Brits are, but maybe that’s the right idea.  At least it wouldn’t be like The Office US, which has reached full stagnation.  Speaking of which, but the exact opposite of, all of Lost is also available, and you should watch it because it’s getting good after being real stupid for a couple seasons.  In fact, just watch Season 1, half of Season 2, and then this current season.  It’ll all make sense probably.
  • If Avatar hadn’t come out, I would have thought this was the most boss thing ever but now it just seems vaguely pathetic.  God damn it, James Cameron.
  • I have been playing this game about unicorns obsessively for the past couple days not because of its gameplay, which is very dumb, but because of its use of “Always” by Erasure, which is the most inspiring song with garbage nonsense lyrics ever written.  I will hold on to the night and make believe with you, thank you very much.
  • ADDENDUM:  In the department of neat free things, you can listen to the new Gorillaz album in its entirety on NPR.org, a week before its due in stores.  WOOP.

One comment

  1. Why Lost is what it is:

    They fired the good writers after a couple of seasons, then hired awesome new writers for the latest season when the show got really bad.

    The more you know.

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