Weekend Video Jamboree – 2/14/10

February 14, 2010

I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s day.  Not in the sense that everyone should have bought into the excess or had their loneliness rubbed in their face once again; I just hope you had a good day today, which just happens to be Valentine’s — Aw, forget it!  Here’s some videos.

Trailer for Something Involving Jackie Chan Somehow

This is supposed to be a trailer, but I have no idea what the product is that they’re trying to show me.  Is this a movie?  A TV show?  Also, what the hell is happening in any of this?  It only gets more confusing as it goes on.  China, if you’re going to take over global superiority, you’re really going to have to shape up in the celebrity-endorsed indescribable cultural artifact department.


Charlie Brooker’s News Report

If you guys don’t watch Charlie Brooker’s Newswipe you really ought to, it is like if The Daily Show only made six episodes a year.  Anyway, here’s two minutes of one of the six episodes they made this year.


The Best Cover of The Final Countdown

Improves on the original in almost every way.


Guy Records Own Live Webcast, Causing His Horrible Voice to Cascade into Infinity

Do not watch this video.


Mass Effect 2: Krogan Mod

Video games own, video games with ridiculous modding possibilities own harder.


Good night.


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