IRL News – 2/11/09

February 11, 2010

  • Apparently Iran has been up to something or another.  What’s that all about?  Someone should keep an eye on that whole affair.
  • Bill Clinton almost died AGAIN. It’s okay, though, because he got hisself two stents, prompting the entire institution of American journalism to pretend to know what those are for an entire afternoon.
  • Important People are actually referring to this cold snap as “Snowmageddon”, as if we were all a bunch of god damn children or something, god damn it.
  • The Euro is in sort of a tight spot as of late.  I always like this kind of news item because I can go “Oh, really” and pretend to be interested in it because it will make me look smart when in all honesty I don’t understand anything about it beyond “Euro;” but it’s a no-risk bluff because it will never in a million years have any noticeable effect on anything that I do at all.
  • Google Buzz is so named because just like a buzzing housefly it is excruciatingly annoying and keeps interrupting you when you are trying to read anything.  Also some relatively inane thing about privacy settings.

One comment

  1. You’re assuming that anyone at the Chronicle is clever enough to come up with that. The New York Times might actually be willing to print it. Their articles have had a surprisingly smug tone of voice. They sound like a smug intellectual from the 90’s explaining to you why their vaguely expressed initial concerns had been right along.

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