Weekend Video Jamboree – 2/6/10

February 6, 2010

I’ve eaten nothing but Indian food and donuts today.  Here’s some videos.

Our Turn Now

What happens once you take away school prayer?  Inter-racial kissing. And sweet sweet keytar beats.


Pug Goes Digging

I can’t believe that a time existed when I didn’t have immediate access to videos like these.  Watching these is basically all I do, at all.


This Is The Unveiling

Oh My God Look At This Dude And His Ridiculous Family


Guy In Background of News Thing

You’ve probably seen this, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s well worth it for the little coy peak back the guy does at the end.


Ginger Kid Funk Soul Remix

I wouldn’t make fun of this kid to his face, but, man, going to the internet to dramatically complain about a five-year-old South Park episode is just asking for it.  And making inexplicable shrill noises throughout is just asking for someone to turn it into a jam of some kind.


Good night!  I’m going to eat a cake now!


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