IRL News – 2/3/10

February 3, 2010

  • In the wake of the Single Exciting Thing that came out of Obama’s State of the Union, military muckety-mucks are “reviewing” how they could possibly go about implementing such a dramatically different protocol.  WHAT NEEDS REVIEWING.  EITHER YOU DON’T LET GAYS IN THE MILITARY OR YOU DO MY BRAIN
  • I keep seeing this news story pop up everywhere, despite the fact that it’s results are really more “yeah, this works IF you only do this” and it says that abstinence-til-marriage programs are still utterly worthless anyway.  Oh, well.  Science Journalism.



  2. As to DADT, “reviewing” = “stalling until something else comes up in the news so we can hopefully get on with it without a bunch of homophobic yahoos getting in our way.”

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