The Internet-in-Brief, 10/21/09: Multimedia Edition

October 22, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

Oh man, if only we had some kind of a feature where we posted nothing but internet videos!

Here is the current state of political affairs, told in hilariously bad youtubes:

International Affairs

Religious edition.


Our Relationship With the Media

David Vitter! Remember David Vitter? What a moral compass.


Healthcare, Pt. 1


Healthcare, Pt. 2


Fiscal Responsibility



Campaign Strategy


Post-campaign blues



One comment

  1. That’s it, I’m convinced. The Westboro Baptist Church are hard-core trolls. An parody version of “Hava Negilah”? It seems more like a paranoid fantasy from a Woody Allen movie than anything a eelf-respecting anti-Semite would actually try. Hermann Goering himself would chuckle at the idea, then dismiss it as too much effort. And why didn’t they at least take the idea to its obvious confusion and lift up a burning effigy of Obama on a chair?

    For this, I close my robe?

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