Hmm, that’s a pretty good joke, Penny Arcade!

October 14, 2009

I’m a reader of webcomics. All of you here know of this horrible shame I carry with me like a cancer, so there’s no reason to even try and cover it up.  I read them like a motherfucker.  So I’m quite familiar with superfantasyultraComic “Penny Arcade”, by visually comical auteurs Jerry Holkins and Mike Krhahliuehluk, and I’m quite familiar when they STEAL JOKES FROM A DEFENSELESS MAGAZINE SUCH AS OURSELVES.


How curious!!!

click for big

HMMMMMMM, “Twilight” but with Mummies, now where could I have seen such a concept before?  Could it have been in our very own magazineLast year, even?

Shame on you, Penny Arcade.  Do you realize that by not making sure a joke you’re about to do hasn’t been done by any one of the myriad  low-profile and often low-quality college humor magazines in the country, you are  LITERALLY STEALING FOOD OUT OF OUR MOUTHS.  FOOD IS LITERALLY BEING TAKEN OUT OF MY MOUTH RIGHT NOW BY JERRY HOLKINS AND HIS BALD FRIEND MIKE KRANKLILILLUIK.  ACTUALLY MAYBE JERRY IS THE BALD ONE I CANT REMEMBER.



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