Religious pamphlet hander-outer is “a psychotic sex addict who was housing children in tents in his backyard”

August 29, 2009


Since (as we all know) America is Jesus’s favorite country , like any other red-blooded American, I too find it galling whenever another country manages to beat us at something. It’s mostly been China pummeling us with their massive consumer base and accelerating industrial strength, but lately, even shamefully small players, like Austria, will manage to top us. For instance, in the heinous sex crimes area. Fortunately, we Americans are making a comeback!

…on Friday, Mr. Garrido, 58, and his wife, Nancy, 54, were arraigned on more than two dozen counts of kidnapping, rape, false imprisonment and other charges in connection with Ms. Dugard’s abduction in 1991 as she walked to a bus stop in South Lake Tahoe. She was 11.

Ms. Dugard and her two daughters — both fathered by Mr. Garrido, the police said, when Ms. Dugard was a teenager — had been living in a squalid compound hidden behind Mr. Garrido’s plain single-story house.


According to the authorities, Ms. Dugard, 29, and her children, 11 and 15, lived in a dirt-floor compound about the size of a tennis court and consisting of several ragged tents, hand-built sheds and small efforts at creature comforts: a set of wind chimes, for example, and a dingy couch.

Mr. Probyn said Ms. Dugard had told her mother that she sometimes was forced to live in a box, and the police said that at least one of the sheds was soundproof. As investigators prowled the compound this week, a wire cage could be seen next to a tent.

Apparently the police missed several opportunities to investigate Garrido’s backyard, even after a 911 call that said that “Mr. Garrido was a psychotic sex addict who was housing children in tents in his backyard.” Damn those crank callers!!!

So how was it that they finally figured out that Garrido was, indeed, a psychotic sex addict housing children in tents in his backyard?

His arrest on Wednesday came after he attracted attention from the campus police at the University of California, Berkeley, two days before, when he wanted to hand out religious pamphlets. A university spokesman, Dan Mogulof, said Mr. Garrido had been accompanied by two children, who caught the eye of campus personnel because they were “almost robotic.”

I’m sure you have, at one point or another been aggressively approached by gaunt looking middle-aged men yelling about homos or some shit. Well. One of them was a psychotic sex addict housing children in tents in his backyard.

Holy shit.

Also, good job UCPD! For the first time in your long history of yelling at people on bikes, shining flashlights into trees, and harassing certain well-known student publications on Sproul, you’ve done something worth doing!



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  1. Hello:

    I could not resist posting a response to this article because I truly beleive that “sex addiction” does NOT exist. The man who commited this terrible crime was a sociopath. Also, he was likely psychologically castrated by feminist society and was lashing out.

    I’m a member of the “Toronto Real Men”, the world’s only anti-metrosexual organization, run by “Dimitri The Lover”, aka “The Prophet”. In the same way that John Connor fights the machines for survival of humanity in “The Terminator”, The Prophet has dedicated his life to fight “Metrosexuality” for the survival of masculinity. He is a modern-day Rasputin … a real-life Tyler Durden.

    Here is the web site for the “Toronto Real Men”: http://torontorealmen.com … if you go to the section in the menu on the left titled “Meeting Announcements”, then click on “August”, you will understand everything he is trying to do. Also, if you click on the link on the left titled “Media Centre”, there’s both a radio interview and an appearance in a documentary so you can hear The Prophet speak.

    Also, everyone knows that women in Toronto are stuck up and play games. Here is how The Prophet deals with a single woman that likes him but still refuses to cough up her number … he hands her this flyer: http://pics.livejournal.com/suspiciouslump/pic/00001pse

    Here is a link to some animations that have been banned by YouTube but give you a great indication of The Prophet’s philosophy: http://dimitrithelover.com/animation.html … the “Crucifixion of Dimitri” represents how he has suffered for all men.

    Finally, here is The Prophet’s main web site: http://dimitrithelover.com

    We heard at the last meeting that his Hollywood film (the one that the producers of Borat and Bruno created) is completed and should be released in the next few months. Then the world will know the truth about what The Prophet is doing to rid the world of feminism once and for all.



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