Weekend Video Jamboree – 8/22/09

August 22, 2009


It may be production, but that won’t stop me from procrastinating by posting a bunch of videos!  Oh man here we go okay!!


Maybe I’ll just devote the first slot to every WVJ to a Required-Viewing-Classic, ’cause it turns out that there are a lot of them.  This is still quoted around the Squelch office as though it were the Bible.


World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Trailer

The only conclusion I can draw from this trailer is that Blizzard run out of ideas and began mining the ol’ fanfiction stores for stupid things to add to their game.  Wolf-people?  Really?  Thanks, the game really needed a whole lot more furries to come in and furry things up.


Ultimate Muscle Roller Legend

See, look.  Why couldn’t the new Warcraft thing be more like this?

Venture Bros. Season 4 Teaser

We all know how huge a fucking Venture Bros. mark I am, so there’s no point in pointing that out in the comments.  Just watch it.  It is fucking exciting, even if it is three months away.


Damar the Starling

I guess I decided that not enough of the videos on here are just fucking bonechilling, so here you go: The creepiest fucking bird in the world.  Enjoy!


Okay!  That’s it!  Good bye!  God bless!  (Just kidding! [We are alone in the universe!])


One comment

  1. I am tickled by the thought of playing goblins, but I agree that the Worgen are absolutely retarded and this entire expansion really seems like a stretch. The only substantial thing it offers is the level cap increase, which is a fucking easy thing to offer. The rest of it is haphazard and ill-thought-out.

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