Issue 19.1 Production Now Up And Running

August 19, 2009

Hey, Sqlog readers, sorry about the lack of content lately, but the production of the first issue of volume 19 of the Heuristic Squelch is now totally in production, and so instead of coolly blogging with our scarves and our mopeds, we are doing Serious Work in our Actual Office on campus, slaving tirelessly to provide you with comedy in a slightly different format.  And do you thank us?  No!  Except for the times that you do, which we really appreciate, and then we get all bashful about it.  You’re too kind!

One of the things that needs to be done is to do the photoshoot for the cover, which will be an exciting wraparound cover in order to celebrate the new year and because we couldn’t think of a back cover.  As it so happens, we will be having said photoshoot TOMORROW, AUGUST 20th, at 3PM.  We will meet in the Squelch office (310 Eshleman) first, but then head over to Sproul Plaza for the shoot after we’re ready, say, 3:10.  IF YOU ARE IN THE BERKELEY AREA AND WOULD LIKE TO BE FEATURED ON THE COVER OF THE NEXT HEURISTIC SQUELCH, COME ON BY!

I will provide a small, bad-looking map of the southern end of campus where everything will be taking place.  Have any questions?  Leave a comment.  DON’T BE SHY, BE PART OF THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE YOUR FACE/REST-OF-YOUR-BODY ON A MAGAZINE!

You should be able to figure this out, ya bunch of dunderheads!!

See ya there, dummies!


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