Weekend Video Jamboree – 8/16/09

August 16, 2009


Uh oh!  Videos!  Get aboard the video train!  Woop-woop!  Making stops at your eyeballs!  Woop-woop!  Videos!

How is babby formed?

Another classic, another required viewing for Squelch staff.


The End of the Chris Chan Controversy

You probably all have better things to do than follow the slapfight between an adult autistic and a guy pretending to be him on the Internet, but I don’t, and I have to admit that I was mildly amused by the finale.  I would tell you that it’s worth it to look up the entire rest of the saga, but to be honest, it probably really really isn’t.


Pan-Kun and James in: UltraPan-Kun and Jameszilla

Oh, fuck, this is basically all I want in life.  Alright, you win Japan, here is all of my money.


Re: Introduction: Who, What, Why?:

Ractalfece has been something of a darling on POEtv lately, and I can see why.  His schtick is to make fun of youtube videos by personally responding to them and being all weird about it.  I wish he would do more things, because it’s actually a really good idea and he’s really good at doing them.  This one is probably my favorite.


Designing Women Intro, by FatalFarm

FatalFarm owns.


Okay that’s it get off the video train!!


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