Accolades All Around!

August 12, 2009
Fig 1: Accolades

Fig 1: Accolades

Oh my gosh!  It seems like just a few days ago that we were celebrating our 50th post, and now look at our hot-postin’ selves!  Here we are,  raking in the cool rewards of our 100th post.  One hundred.  One and then zero and then also zero again.  Fuuuuuuck.

Welp; all you readers must be pretty proud of us, unless you’re the people who are here because you want to see pictures of a skunk swallow an anime.  But even you likely realize the gravity of this accomplishment, and are no doubt quietly toasting our success from the safety of the slapshod hovel of a home that you infest.

So cheers!  Cheers to all of us, and all of you, but especially to all of us, and especially to me.

Fig 2: Accolades

Fig 2: Accolades


One comment

  1. Are the guys supposed to be George W. Bush and John McCain? Because to me, the resemblance is unmistakeable.

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