The Internet in Brief: 8/03/09, Oh God She’s Blogging About Iran Again

August 3, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • In case any of you thought even for a moment that I’d lost my huge boner for Iran, here’s more Iran news! Apparently Shane Bauer, a UC Berkeley alum, has been detained in Iran, along with his SF journalist girlfriend and some other dude. Bauer graduated only two years ago (class of ’07), having apparently double majored in Arabic and PACS. He graduated with honors, but the NYT doesn’t say in which. I’m going to guess PACS. I don’t mean to malign that particular department, but seriously. Frankly, I’m more impressed to see an Arabic-speaking white American who isn’t gay. That is quite an achievement.

Bauer is, according to his website, a “documentary photographer and journalist whose work focuses on the effects of social, economic, and political realities on the lives people around the world.” His site is actually incredibly cool, I really recommend you spend some time looking through it.

One might question the wisdom of Americans deciding to go hang out in Iran at the present moment (ESPECIALLY WITH PERSIANKIWI DOWN!), but apparently they didn’t just decide to go hang out in Iran, they lost their way while hiking in Iraq.

Well. Hiking in Iraq, huh? I’m sorry, I’m going to continue to question their judgment.

In any case, best wishes to Bauer and Shourd– I hope they can soon return to their respective homes in Emeryville and Oakland.

  • While I’m fairly optimistic for Bauer and Shourd, jailed Iranian dissenters are getting their “fair” trial, and shit is sad.

Kids are getting tortured in jail; it’s not particularly hip for college bloggers to blog on torture unless they’re mentioning John Yoo, but here’s a quote from Mousavi anyways:

“The teeth of the torturers and confession-extorters have reached to the bones of the people,” he said.

“Witnessing such trumped-up trials, the only judgment that the conscience of humanity can make is the moral collapse and discredit of its directors.”

Apparently Mousavi, Khatami, and Rezai (all presidential candidates) are p. much united in their disgust for the trials.

Last Thursday marked the 40 day anniversary of Neda’s death (important, because Iranians mourn for exactly that period of time). It’s said that the prior Revolution proceeded in 40 day steps– it’s too early to tell, but I don’t know if there will even be a second 40 day step. There’s not much news from Iran, thanks to the internet clampdown, so I’m guess I’m just going to STFU at this point. :(

    • And while we’re on the topic of unlikable pundits:

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    1. “But then again, libertarians don’t like anyone.”
      Ron Paul?

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