Weekend Video Jamboree – 8/1/09

August 1, 2009


Wow!  Is it really August already?  FUCK!  Here’s some YouTubes!


This here is a classic audio clip of Something Awful forums poster Kuuenbuu freaking out while DJing a horrible internet radio station for idiots.  Required listening for Squelch staff.


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (NES) Ending

To be fair, I have been to a wedding before, and they are all exactly like this.


Turtles Fucking

Basically my favorite video.


Tron Legacy Trailer

Hey so there’s a new fucking Tron movie and basically if you don’t like Tron you can get the fuck out ’cause I want literally nothing to do with you.


The Matrix Online Ends

I don’t know if you guys remember this, but a few years ago they released a Matrix MMO, which due to lack of interest/relevance recently ended.  However, instead of dying the quiet, undignified error-message route that most defunct MMOs take, The Matrix Online apparently decided the best way to go out was with lightning and everyone ourouborosing themselves into their own asses.


See you next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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