Weekend Video Jamboree – 7/25/09

July 25, 2009


Ah, another fresh Weekend Video Jamboree!  Y’all better get your YouTube-watchin’ shoes on!  This here’s a real barn-burner!  Yeehaw!  I’m illiterate!

Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up

I think I have some sort of brain problem because I will listen to basically any two songs mashed up, no matter if I hate one or both of them, and be generally entertained every time.


Comic-Con 2009: “New Moon” Sneak Preview

Hey remember that great comic book Twilight?  Well apparently it was turned into a moving comic book a while ago and now it’s going to be another big screen comic book called “New Moon”, and the big comic book convention Comic-Con (short for Comic Book Convention About Comic Books) hosted this animated comic book sneak peak of the new Mormon sex fantasy about Native Americans being savage wolf people.  Enjoy!


Old Man Barks At Bear In Home

I know I try to be all “P.C.” and “feminist” on here, but the old man’s absolutely right.  Where would you women be if us men weren’t here to make animal noises at bears?


Jake Lloyd Ten Years Later

Anakin grew up and is now fat and whiny.  SUCK IT UP, NERD.


Baby Chimp Gets On Blanket And Is Wonderful

This is the best.  This is the best thing.


Welp; that’s it.  Go home.


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