IRL News 7/20/09: No more 24 Hour Library Hours during Finals Week

July 20, 2009


Upon remembering, for the first time in a month, that we have a Twitter, I dutifully logged in. I momentarily considered writing an update, but then this comment came to mind:

Don’t use the twitter account, for God’s sake. Take the names, but don’t use them. Even Kanye won’t use Twitter. Do you really want something called a “microblog”? Jesus Christ. Next you’ll be having guest posts by Cory Doctorow.

by Don’t talk to me May 16, 2009 at 12:13 pm

So I thought better of it, and instead went and checked out the twitters we follow*. (*meaning, I suddenly realized there are a bunch of Berkeley twitters that we ought to follow). As it turns out, there’s a great little news item that got buried on the Daily Cal website. Fortunately, whoever maintains their Twitter has their priorities straight:

Chancellor Birgeneau at Regents meeting Wednesday: No more 24 hour library days during finals: http://tr.im/sHOk
4:42 PM Jul 16th
from web

Apparently no one’s realized this yet, as none of my Asian girl friends have updated their Facebooks with angry, borderline suicidal statuses, but never fear, asucpres to the rescue!

@dailycal in light of this really bad news the ASUC’s library on the top floor of Eshleman Hall WILL stay open 24-hours during finals
5:55 PM Jul 16th
from web in reply to dailycal

Well, that’s a relief. I’ll be sure to get there first thing in the morning, so I can steal one of the coveted spots both near an outlet and away from the incessant buzzing of the vending machines.

This post might be full of bitter snark (I am pretty grumpy in the morning; plus it is like 90 degrees out), but I do think this is a disaster. I might be lucky enough to have my own room in a fairly quiet apartment (other than the guy who lives beneath me who occasionally plays techno at full blast at 5 in the morning), but I can’t help but feel like I should have just gone to a fucking private school.

In other news, Twitter is still pretty stupid.


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