Internet in Brief / IRL News: 7/07/09

July 7, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

As David might have mentioned, I’ve been somewhat busy doing non-blog things… like writing a final exam, and then fleeing Berkeley to get really high and watch Shaft (2000), starring Samuel L. Jackson.

While everyone else up here in Tahoe is having a great time doling out their hard-earned money to Blizzard Entertainment, this hard-working blogger is going to throw a cursory glance around the internet and copy/paste some links your way! Because we at the Sqlog are dedicated journalists. Also, really good at instance groups.

  • Berkeley feeling scarier of late? You’re not going crazy– it’s apparently ranked 43rd most dangerous city in the nation. Though I have a feeling that moving to Northside would pretty much solve everything.
  • Dan Froomkin, who got dropped from the increasingly shitty WaPo, has been hired by HuffPo. My own feelings for HuffPo can be summed up with a sneer and a fart in the general direction of the internet, but yay for HuffPo and yay for Froomkin. Just don’t make him write any stories about Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. Please. Also, Palin is a weirdo. (both from the Daily Dish)
  • In case you weren’t already sick of hearing me squee over Iran, here’s the full collection of clips of Jason Jones in Iran. Although that link isn’t working for me at the moment (srsly wtf), this one still is, and is the funniest anyways.
  • Instead of linking the last items, I’m going to embed them. Please. Watch them.

One comment

  1. There are few things in this world more intrinsically hilarious than animal feces. Thanks for brightening up everyone’s day, Sarah.

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