The Internet in Brief / IRL News: 6/30/09

June 30, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS: The folks at Red State are real smart; know the definitions of elected” and “Empress”. (hint: they have nothing to do with each other). I suppose I could be kind and assume the paradox was intentional. On the other hand, the above article features charming idiosyncracies, like blasting Michelle Obama for hiring staff and thus wasting taxpayers’ money, just like Nancy Reagan; then turning around blasting Michelle Obama for serving people on mismatched china, a somewhat snide reference to Nancy Reagan’s expenditure of $200,000 for matching White House china.

Wow. What a creep. She went out of her way to cast aspersions on former first lady and wife of one of America’s most beloved presidents? Why? What purpose did this serve other than to be mean spirited? No wonder she was never proud of her country in her adult life. She is too hard hearted to have it in her.

Also, this heartwarming line:

Chillax, honeypie. Read a magazine, watch the kids, and leave the policy to the real officials, will ya?

LOL MICHELLE OBAMA WASN’T ELECTED. Wait… neither is 99% of the West Wing. LALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU. Plus she is a woman. LOL.

  • New Haven decides a civil service promotional exam is racist; throws it out. Some white dudes who did well on the exam get mad; take it to the courts. Sonia Sotomayer is one of the appellate judges who rules against the white guys; Souter, whom she is supposed to replace, takes the same position. Wait a second, this is supposed to be interesting news? I guess?.


  1. I am in actual shock that Franken was seated before the expected date of The Heat Death of the Universe.

  2. Dude, he’s seated just in time for the Senate to vote on Waxman-Markey!! 60 maybeeee?

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