Internet in Brief: 6/28/09

June 28, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • Breaking news from Fox about a mural created by Black Pine Circle School’s… class of 2007? Eyeroll. In any case, apparently Berkeley kids think “capitalism will fail,” also something about marijuana. Not sure exactly what.

Fox News procured a quote from Berkeley College Republicans (yes, our BCR) president Danae Condos, who might have just been the only resident of the city willing to speak to Fox News:

Condos, a 19-year-old student at the University of California-Berkeley, said she doubted that school administrators would allow any and all symbols.

“They wouldn’t allow a swastika symbol,” she said. “It shows where the school’s standards lie. If you’re seeing this at one of the top-notch schools in the area, imagine what’s going on it other schools that don’t have the same privileges.”

Look, dude. A swastika and a hammer-and-sickle are completely different things. One represents an ideology that advocated the deaths of millions of people; the other represents an ideology that accidentally resulted in the deaths of even more people.

But whatever happened in the past, the present reality is that here, in the United States, the swastika, as a white supremacist symbol, is meant to be a symbol of exclusion, discrimination, and a repugnant worldview that refuses to treat people as people, while the hammer-and-sickle is a mostly empty concept referring to a vague and ill-thought-out vision of a different world. It’s not even edgy anymore, so the only people (who aren’t washed-out, aging hippies) who cling to it are pallid, wishy-washy, completely harmless shut-ins.

In any case, if you actually look at two photos that Fox put up on their site, it’s obvious that the hammer-and-sickle and the marijuana leaf are the most interesting parts of the mural. The rest are what you’d expect would happen if you give a bunch of kids a chance to leave a “legacy”– just a bunch of boring, insipid inside jokes. It’s like being at my boyfriend’s incredibly tedious CS commencement all over again.

“My favorite memory is eating <insert gross food> at <insert late hour> with friends!!! ^_^”

Everyone does that shit, no one cares, just keep walking you goddamn nerds.

  • Kind of old, but it’s still really funny, so I figured I’d post it: Lindsay Lohan tries to dance up on Justin Timberlake, is “shooed away,” ends up twittering photo of JT and some other girl in order to get him into trouble with his girlfriend Jessica Biel. from WWTD, here and here.
  • That one guy’s death might have eclipsed Iran on Twitter, but despite some mainstream headlines, the revolution is not dead. Twitter, which isn’t even very effective for organizing in Iran itself (since no one can access it except through a proxy, ergo we’re only getting twittered at by resourceful nerds), is just a way for Iran addicts to get their fix… *bites nails; scrolls furiously*
  • Finally, here’s a CNN story (even though I’m still mad about #cnnfail) about the children of gay parents. This post is pretty full of Republicans already, but here’s one more– a Limbaugh-listening Republican son of two lesbian mothers.

“When you grow up with Lesbian mothers, you can’t get your ears pierced to rebel,” he says. “I became a Republican.”

Today, Levey sees his parents’ choice not as an expression of rebellion, but as a desire for something that’s actually a conservative virtue — a loving family.

“I believe in family values, but family is about taking care of your children and respecting one another,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is.”

Happy pride.


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