Weeaboo Wednesday: What Your Anime Says About You

June 24, 2009


Sarah’s fascinating post last week inspired me to further investigate the nuances of other media from the glorious East. This time, however, I’ll be investigating the more personal connection that lays between anime and its consumers. More specifically, what we can learn about a person’s personality from what kind of anime they enjoy. While some of you might immediately dismiss this idea as silly, cliche, and more suitable for a MySpace quiz, I can’t help but remind you that it’s totally tsundere of you to point that out (and if you get that without clicking the link, you simply cannot judge me). Now then, without further ado let’s move on to the main attraction:

The show: Cowboy Bebop



What’s its deal: Cowboy Bebop stars bounty hunter Spike Spiegel and his partners in crime (er, anti-crime?) Faye Valentine and Jet Black as they travel the solar system locking up crooks and getting into all kinds of trouble. It boasts one of the finest soundtracks of anything put on screen and avoids many of the usual anime cliches and pitfalls that plague shows of similar premises.

What watching it says about you: You’re one of those too cool for school types. You have your backpack slung over one shoulder with one hand beating up that kid in the Dragonball Z shirt, and the other clutching your Gurren Lagann box set. That’s right, you’re a closet anime fan. You claim to demand, coherency, high production values, and general watchability from your entertainment; decrying most anime as lacking these essential attributes. In the end, you keep coming back to your weekly Naruto torrents—looking stoic all the way.

You put on a Sesshomaru-esque air of dignity, preferring to keep your kyaaaas internal. In an attempt to emulate the show’s protagonist, Spike Spiegel, you play it cool at all times. Maybe one day you’ll find your Julia, and this charade will end. Till then, you’ll keep brooding and speak mostly in ellipses.

The Show: Berserk

Id Incarnate

Id Incarnate

What’s its deal: Berserk is the animated prologue to a long-running manga series of the same name. It follows the meteoric rise and fall of the Band of the Hawk, a mercenary group caught up in the medieval war to end all wars. Naturally, there’s plenty of big-sworded murder. On top of that though, you’ll find plenty of pedophilia, rape, bestiality (sex with animal demons is bestiality as far as I’m concerned), phallic imagery, and fun. But don’t let that frighten you off…

What watching it says about you: You’re the kid the other parents warned their children about. You recognize and embrace the darkness that lurks within you. By that, I mean you post pictures of your elaborate collection of guns/swords/gunswords (blades?) on MySpace and have a height limit on girls you will attempt to date (also, no back-talk). You love your anime because it can be as dark and twisted as you are. American (or gaijin) entertainment just doesn’t have the edge that you crave! The bottom line: you’re a lone wolf. It’s the only way to keep the others from getting caught-up in your YouTube feud.

The Show: Lucky Star

What's Lolicon?

What is Lolicon?

What’s its deal: High school girls Konata, Kagami, Miyuki, and Tsukasa go about their daily lives; talking about food, fun, and other innocuous topics in short sketch-like bits.

What watching it says about you: You are a pedophile.


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  1. MySpace quiz? Is this blog a period piece?

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