Hooray For Us!

June 23, 2009
Fig. 1: HOO-RAY

Fig. 1: HOO-RAY

Hey Sqlog readers!  How are you both doing?  But I kid.  How are all six of you doing?  See?  That’s just the kind of you humor you’ve come to expect from us during the 50 posts that we’ve been active.  That’s right, The Heuristic Squelch’s Sqlog Blog Erotic Fantasy League just recently celebrated its fiftieth post!  Wow!  That sure is a big round number!

So I’d like to take this time to not write a Porn on Tuesdays because I am tired and instead share with you some of the fantastic search items you wonderful readers have been using to get to this here old-fashioned southern-time mountain blog:

  • mpreg “birth canal”
  • guy fuck balloons
  • super nips
  • world of warcraft tentacle
  • orgastone
  • computer generated bondage tentacle vide
  • force feed dick
  • tentacle dog rape
  • skunk fu hentai
  • skunk furry porn
  • skunk fu hentai porn
  • skunkfu hentai
  • skunk fu henti
  • skunk fuu hentai
  • furry skunk fu hentai
  • skunk fu hentei
  • skunk fu sex hentai

And, last but not least

  • skunk fu hentay

Thanks to everyone who could make this wonderful dream a reality.  Just FYI, I am being 100% genuine in telling you that these are the search results that are leading a good 20 or 30% of our viewers to the website.  What’s even better is, now that I’ve published this list, this number will easily grow two or threefold.


Fig. 2: HOO-RAY

Fig. 2: HOO-RAY


One comment

  1. Goddaman did I open a can of worms with that first cartoon graveyard. Oh, well. Hooray for us anyway.

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