The Internet in Brief / IRL News: 6/22/09

June 22, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

I have a ridic stomachache from combating various species of hangover all weekend, so I only have one real update, and you’ve probably seen this already. Possibly on the teevee, too!

  • Iranian girl dies in a pool of her own blood; entire scene broadcast on YouTube. (Confirmed by Al Jazeera ? here.) Apparently this video was shown on CNN? Making up for #cnnfail with a graphic video of a 16 year old girl dying… fuck you, CNN, I’ve never despised you more. Not even when you ran that feature about Hispanic voters during the 2008 election, which you entitled BLACK VS. BROWN
  • Twitter now rendered useless with white noise on #iranelection; mostly about “Neda,” the dead girl.
  • Good assessment of the situation by Laissez’s Fair here.

(The above two lines are why America shouldn’t intervene; Americans have an uncanny knack of fucking everything up.*)

(*Okay, my views are a little more complex than that but plz don’t expect me to expound them here; at least get me drunk first.)

I read somewhere that the IRGC (Revolutionary Guard Corps) has offered to recount 10% of the votes, but I am not bothering to link because that isn’t even news; that is just a fucking shitty thing to offer people.


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