The Internet in Brief: 6/19/09

June 19, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • BREAKING NEWS: ANDREW SULLIVAN HAS TOTAL BREAKDOWN; suddenly believes he is 18 years old and Iranian. Earlier this week he changed his blog color scheme to green; little did we know it was but an early symptom of his now full-blown dementia. He deliriously posts:

Mock not. As the regime shut down other forms of communication, Twitter survived. […]

That a new information technology could be improvised for this purpose so swiftly is a sign of the times. It reveals in Iran what the Obama campaign revealed in the United States. You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control them any longer. They can bypass your established media; they can broadcast to one another; they can organize as never before.

The key force behind this is the next generation, the Millennials, who elected Obama in America and may oust Ahmadinejad in Iran. They want freedom; they are sick of lies; they enjoy life and know hope. [..]

This generation will not bypass existing institutions and methods: look at the record turnout in Iran and the massive mobilization of the young and minority vote in the US. But they will use technology to displace old modes and orders. Maybe this revolt will be crushed. But even if it is, the genie has escaped this Islamist bottle.

Maybe that’s what we’re hearing on the rooftops of Tehran: the sound of the next revolution.

Allah O Akbar!

  • As it turns out, Twitter’s maintenance rescheduling was not prompted so much by Andrew Sullivan as it was by the US State Department. People seem pretty cool with this; I got mad because I am a big gay non-interventionist*. (*look, any form of US intervention w/ Iran is just going to evoke some bad memories.)
  • Meanwhile, the Clog finally posts about Iran & Twitter, almost a full week after the story blows up. Understandable, because neither Twitter nor Iran are really all that relevant to a blog about the University of California, Berkeley. *smokes cigarette, poops on a Persian student*
  • The gay and retarded WaPo (complicit in #cnnfail) gets gayer and retardeder. If Wonkette hadn’t posted that, I would have literally never found out. I haven’t read the Post in about a year; it pisses me off that much. In other news, I’m pretty sure that I’m going to get shot by an indignant gay one of these days, for being a careless, insensitive dick (a reverse Harvey Milk, if you will). And I will completely deserve it.
  • A couple minutes of hilarious ownage to be found here. Am I a bad person for taking delight in the verbal abuse of an entitled, incoherent yuppie?  No, I’m a bad person because I question whether torture is inherently bad.
  • While we’re on the subject of angry rants, here is an amazing podcast. Listen to at least a minute– you will be hooked. It’s no Ainsley Hayes moment, it’s really just a guy regurgitating internet talking points in the most unlikely voice ever, but you know, I will do anything to get a post to somehow tie-in to The West Wing.

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