The Internet in Brief + IRL News: 6/09/09

June 9, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • Good news! You know how your mental and physical health has been completely compromised by the past couple of years? Well, it wasn’t in vain– the degree does matter, despite the doomsaying. (link originally found through Daily Dish).

College graduates have definitely been hurt by the current recession. Thousands find themselves out of work, and many of those newly unemployed will struggle to find a job that paid as well as their last one. Still, on a relative basis, a college education has never been more valuable.

The pay gap between college graduates and everyone else, for instance, reached a record high last year. Four-year-college graduates made 54 percent more, on average, than people who attended college but did not graduate. Fifty-four percent!

If you’re a college student trying to decide whether to get your degree, I would urge you to remember that number — rather than anecdotes about unemployed college graduates.

  • CNN foreign correspondent Michael Ware viciously pwns some fat neocon turd while Campbell Brown desperately tries to ruin our fun.


  • An awesome process (??? does this count as process ???) story from the NY Times here. Some great quotes:

As I listened to Biden talk about his Senate career, nearly uninterrupted, for half an hour, I was reminded that leaving any job after 36 years presents, psychologically, a difficult adjustment; at times, the vice president sounded a little like the high-school football star who has received his diploma but can’t help hanging around practice anyway, throwing imaginary passes on the sideline. Biden described for me working out at the Senate gym as vice president and stopping into the Senate dining room alone for a bowl of soup. He was amazed, he said, when his former colleagues lined up to say hello.

More Biden hilariousness:

Having served under seven commanders in chief during his time in the Senate, Biden understands as well as anyone the pervasive fear in Congress that presidents are out only for themselves. “I’ve had presidents who say to me, ‘Hey, Joe, get out on that limb for me,’ ” Biden told me. At this, he rose from his chair and began acting out the metaphor, half-crouching as he glanced at the limb behind him. “And I’m out there. I’m out on that limb. And then you hear this shew shew shew” — he nicely approximated the noise of a saw rasping back and forth — “and you look back, and the limb’s being sawed off.

“I’ve been there with these other presidents,” he said, returning to his seat. “I’ve been there when they said later, ‘Well, you know, things change.’ ” He leaned forward and touched my knee, in a way that I imagined he might while making the very same case to one of his former colleagues. “Not this guy,” Biden said, pointing toward the Oval Office. “And they know that not over my dead body would it be that way with me.”

And also:

OBAMA’S AGGRESSIVE COURTSHIP of Congress is plotted and directed by Emanuel, who despite his legendary personality flaws — his penchant for profane mockery is now so well documented that you sometimes have the sense he’s cursing at you so as not to disappoint — is freakishly well suited to the job.

In short, the vice president is a dork, and the White House Chief of Staff is a caricature of himself.

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  1. […] Then the Republicans came in through the normal door, and, having brought theirown gavel, proceeded to ignore the Democrats and begin “passing bills”. The Democrats then started their own session and also began “passing bills”, despite neither side actually having a majority). The New York Times coverage is here; this reporter clearly finds the incident much less hilarious than the NPR reporter, thus confirming my impression of the NYT’s absolute humorlessness. […]

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