The Internet in Brief: 6/08/09

June 8, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • Lots of great reading material here at xpostfactoid, and I’m not just saying that because xpostfactoid seems to love Obama almost as much as I do. If we were characters in The West Wing, I would be Toby and he would be Josh. He’s Josh because he left the White House to run Santos’s campaign, and ergo loves Bartlett less than I do. (That plot twist with Toby in Season 7 never happened).
  • In other news, today is my birthday :3. Thanks to all y’all who read the Sqlog, even the ones who come here looking for “kkids fucking” or “cartoon skunk farts”.


  1. I almost wrote a post about how it is Sqlog Writer/Squelch Graphics Editor Sarah Jeong’s birthday and post a video of a squirrel, but instead I spent the whole day drawing lines on a computer for my dad.

    Let’s have a joint beach-party-blanket-feast-viking-funeral for us June birthdays like Kyle suggested.


  2. Damn, I’m off by ten days. Any way I can get grandfathered in? I can bring booze now!

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