The Internet in Brief: 6/07/09, depressed hangover edition

June 7, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

As in the Dahmer case, though, the victim of this crime [Dr. Tiller] was himself an evil man and does not deserve our tears.

Do I seriously mean to suggest that Tiller was as bad as Dahmer? No, because Tiller was almost certainly a more evil man than Dahmer was. There are at least five considerations that favor this judgment.

Brian Leiter angrily calls him out here. Harsh, as usual, but (for once) very much called for. So how is it that Ed Feser is such a terrible person? Well, guys, have ya ever been to Pasadena?

Also, more on Tiller here and here, and some anecdotes on late-term abortions (dressed up in Web 1.0) here. Judith Warner writes:

Our understanding of what late abortion is like has been almost entirely shaped in public discourse by the opponents of abortion rights. In recent years, discussions of the issue have been filled with the gory details of so-called partial-birth abortion; the grim miseries that drive some women and girls to end their pregnancies after the first trimester have somehow been elided.

It’s hard to remember that there’s so many religiously blind people out there, when you live in Berkeley. Here, abortion, gay marriage, etc. are such non-issues. People just don’t take you seriously if you take a socially conservative stance on these things. But reading Ed Feser’s defense of Tiller’s murder definitely brings back memories of the old days, when I went to a conservative Christian high school in Pasadena. There are so many discourses taking place– even here, in our supposedly intellectually enlightened California* (*Stockton excepted)– which totally lack a legitimate voice speaking for the women actually making these choices. Do people really think deciding to get an abortion is like picking paper or plastic? [Note: I will be looking forward to the next issue of the Cal Patriot].

In other news, alcohol is a well-known destabilizer, and after going so manic last night as to attempt to jump up and down on top of a couple publicly making out, I am now depressedly ranting about abortion on the internets.


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  1. I know PCC! From my high school graduating class, the second largest percentage of graduates went to either PCC or Berkeley (the largest percentage went to Irvine). Not that this is at all relevant to your post.

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