Internet in Brief + IRL News: 6/06/09

June 6, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

  • I write up on a post where Vivianblog writes up on a video found on Megan McArdle’s blog, only to add that I have seen 80s harem pantsuits with more of a striking resemblance, but since this isn’t BARE blog, I have absolutely no need to turn this into a fashion post.

The trick is to see which guy looks like he has a sense of humor. Hint: not the French one.

My comp sci/physics boyfriend finds these pictures confusing. Perhaps he should have taken more classes with that one philosophy professor rumored to be Foucault’s last lover?* (*the answer is: no, not majoring in philosophy is superior to all other outcomes).



Former loan officer Tony Paschal said Wells Fargo targeted black communities for bad loans by focusing on African-American churches, using black employees as its public face, and using software to translate marketing materials into various languages, including something called “African American.”

He also said that other employees called subprime loans in predominantly minority neighborhoods “ghetto loans” and used racial slurs, including “mud people.”

  • A lama leaves his Buddhist order! “They took me away from my family and stuck me in a medieval situation in which I suffered a great deal,” said Torres, 24, describing how he was whisked from obscurity in Granada to a monastery in southern India. “It was like living a lie.” He says this, but is currently studying film in Spain. (from MarginalRevolution)
  • This is late, but the embarrassment factor of David Carradine’s death isn’t old just quite yet. Hopefully his people will be able to do a good job burying it? I’m rather fond of David Carradine, and would like to watch his movies in the future without people constantly making jokes about him strangling his own nuts.
  • Was that an earthquake? Maybe just a big truck.

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  1. This is the best column on the blog

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