Internet in Brief: 6/04/09

June 4, 2009

Hippo Time!!!

[W]hen it comes to sex discrimination cases…. we found that female judges are approximately 10 percent more likely to rule in favor of the party bringing the discrimination claim. We also found that the presence of a female judge causes male judges to vote differently. When male and female judges serve together to decide a sex discrimination case, the male judges are nearly 15 percent more likely to rule in favor of the party alleging discrimination than when they sit with male judges only.

Chalk one up for Sonia Sotomayor, whilst we weep bitterly for a society built on the illusion of impartiality.

  • Wordle! Here is the Sqlog’s wordle:

Wordle: Sqlog

I really expected porn to be bigger than that.

  • Today is June 4th. No more said, or Chinese readers* won’t be able to access this blog. (*in the wondrous future, when we have readers)
  • BART fares are up. Christine Borden writes, “Want to go into the city for some shopping? Your roundtrip will be $7.30 (PDF link) instead of the previous $6.80. If you’re flying in and out of SFO, expect to cough up $17.30 for your back and forth. Live it up, suckers.” That fucking sucks.

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