Weeaboo Wednesday: Lust Train, Pt. 3 – the Finale

June 3, 2009


During the last section of Philosophy 12A (Introduction to Logic), my GSI wrapped up his explanation of the deduction as he usually did– meeting the blank stares and tortured sighs of a classroom full of clueless freshmen and lazy seniors with a skillful but unsuccessful attempt to draw out anything like interest, or even a useful question. With a good twenty minutes left in the hour, he simply gave up and opened the floor to questions– any questions of any sort. Hands immediately shot up. “Does this deduction system carry over anywhere else?” “Where does this come into play in philosophy?” “Would we find this kind of abstract logic outside of the university?” One after another, students asked several variations on what was pretty much the same question:

“Why did I take this class again?”

The Squelch has a word for this curious admixture of exhaustion and bewilderment: Magician Basketball. In the immortal words of our old editor-in-chief, who at the time was finishing up his PEIS senior thesis on the fascinating topic of third world agriculture:

(pauses, looks around at circle of gathered players, sighs) Man, why did I ever decide to coach magician basketball?

We all get moments like that. Some of us feel it because we just spent an entire week of all-nighters writing about some Brazilians you’ve never met, whose language you don’t speak, and whose struggle is growing ever less important than your physical and mental health; others because we just stumbled through an entire semester of incomprehensibly abstract symbology that isn’t necessary (and certainly not sufficient) to understand even someone as obscure as Saul Kripke. And then sometimes you find yourself writing the third part of a series of columns on a really weird hentai video you discovered. We’ve all been there.

This last post contains the shortest temporal part of the video, but by far covers the most material. But as exhausted as I am, I find it difficult to provide a commentary… in any case, Lust Train speaks for itself.

where we last left off

fuck da police

someone has a reasonable reaction

newsflash: she likes it

what if jack bauer

it's like 24, but with rape instead of torture

how to win her heart completely

how to win her heart completely, pt. ii: the vengeance

how to win her heart completely: pt. iii, teh win


;) aren't u going 2 cum

great success

some train or something


more robot transformings

how to win her heart completely: pt. iv, the ambush

a kiss is not a contract


train cars launched in the air... why trains?!

feminism weeps

feminism queefs

feminism gets raped in the face


but you just... it's complete...

turnin the ultimate trick

the red is just a trick of the light

boobs don't move like that!

the penis physics are all wrong

what is it

for fuck's sake

the ultimate trick


pew pew

to no avail!



... ... ... !!!

we did it! we raped the schoolgirl robot


... next time? ... :(

*shakes fist*

ahhhh noo

female assertion












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