Internet in Brief: 5/29/09

May 29, 2009

it's hippo time

  • Working with Squelch can be just as hazardous as rubbing your balls on the ruins of Chernobyl. But instead of becoming sterile, we totally lose perspective on irony and trolling. Hence, I still can’t figure out whether this is a joke or not.
  • Eve is smarter than 90% of teenage Youtube commenters.
  • I guess this makes me a n00b, but I’ve never seen this before. I really want this (and this, and this) but I also really want these clothes, so don’t take me too seriously.
  • The Supreme Court is pretty boring stuff. I have no link for this, as this is a self-evident, a priori analytic judgment. Also, no one our age cares about Sonia Sotomayor, nor about the paper she published in Berkeley’s own La Raza Law Journal. In the immortal words of the Daily Show: How many members of the Brady Bunch can you name? Now, how many Supreme Court Justices can you name? What does this say about you?

One comment

  1. […] some hypothetical reader complains about my double standard when it comes to foreign policy unrelated to UC Berkeley, I want to point out that instead of suing people or taking up valuable (?) Senate time, I am being […]

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