The Internet in Brief: 5/14/09

May 14, 2009


  • UC Berkeley’s very own FAIL Blog. (Here is the original for those desperately behind the internet times). My favorites include this flyer, mostly because despite being an actual joke, it could have quite feasibly been drafted by Zachary Runningwolf, and this shot of Barrows, because I too occasionally succumb to inside jokes of self-defeatingly large proportions.
  • If you’ve never heard of Girl Talk, you obviously 1) are not a Rhetoric major, 2) have never gotten high with me! In any case, here are some cool video mash-ups for the rest of you.
  • I’ve been listening to Lady Gaga’s Poker Face repeatedly of late. Keep in mind that I have also watched “Lust Train” a good four or five times. Of my own volition. Although David and I disagree as to whether she is trolling the music world, we do agree that she looks like a tranny. Apparently she used to be uglier. And here you can a) see what Lady Gaga would look like if she were cute and Asian; b) find out how to put on make-up.

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