Wikipedia: Panchira

May 11, 2009

The following excerpt, to me, sums up the whole of wikipedia– it comes from the article on “Panchira,” which is apparently just Japanese for “pantyshot” or “upskirt”. You know, those borderline child pornography bits in otherwise PG anime? Yeah, those. So why was I looking up the wikipedia article for panchira in the first place? I followed a link from the article on one of my more recent discoveries, Princess Resurrection. Yeah, when I’m not busy drinking, or busy being advised by medical professionals to stop drinking, I read a lot of really bad manga. Anyways, there’s a section of the article devoted to instances of indirect panchira– panchira that occurs off camera. [I don’t know how the hell that counts as panchira.] One of the entries reads:

  • In an episode of the anime Trigun, a female hostage shoots her captor with a weapon held between her feet, since her hands are tied. The captor’s last words are “They were white.”

This. is. wikipedia.


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    why you lookin at these anime.


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