Aquaria: Indy-Cred Boosting Video Game From Former Squelch Artist

May 11, 2009
this is the dawning of the age of small independent gaming firms, small independent gaming fiiirr-iirrrmmms

this is the dawning of the age of small independent gaming firms, small independent gaming fiiirr-iirrrmmms

If anyone follows the indy-game scene, you might be familiar with Aquaria, a maritime adventure game made by Bit Blot Studios as their debut release in 2007.  In the last few years or so, it received some highly favorable press, particularly in the form of bagging the top prize at the Indepedent Games Festival Awards, and, most recently, being released on Steam, the game distribution/server-providing program created by Valve, which is the best fucking mainstream gaming studio ever.  The gameplay as well as the excellent little side touches (such as the food preparation minigames) are fantastic, but the main draw is the breathtaking art.

What makes this relevant is the fact that former Squelch artist Derek Yu did all of the previously mentioned amazing art for it.  Yu, in fact, used to be the Squelch’s quintessential artist, and is the man responsible for our de facto mascot, Flamenco Giraffe, as shown on this hat that apparently you can still buy(?) as well as some more iconic though considerably less work-safe designs, such as Cactus Cock.

ah, the memories

ah, the memories

Followers of Yu might also be aware of his work on I’m OK, the video game response to Jack Thompson’s call for a game about slaughtering video game designers and executives in exchange for a large charitable donation that he eventually bilked on.  “GAMING CULTURE” politics aside, it’s a pretty nice hunk of satire and has the pleasant bonus of having peeing-on-severed-brainstem functionality.  I’m OK is available for download in its entirety, while the free demo (as well as the full version) of Aquaria are available both on the Bit Blot website and Steam, which owns.

So, in the grand Squelch fashion, we’d like to bitterly congratulate Derek on his success and hope he continues to live the dream, even as we wallow in drunken failure, lashing out at all who so much as look at us, frantically clawing at our own skin with bleeding stumps for fingers, trying in vain to scratch off our inadequacy.  Here’s looking at you, Yu!  I bet you’ve never heard that same fucking joke ever before!


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