Vlog Star – Highly Watchable Web Series from Former Squelch Writers

May 5, 2009

vlogstar1Mark my words, web-based programming is going to become a thing in the next couple of years.  A few networks have already experimented with “webisodes” of their more popular shows, and things like Hulu are legitimizing Internet TV.  Original shows made exclusively for an Internet have been around for a few years, but if I might make a prediction, based mostly on wishful-thinking, we’re going to see a rise in original web content from the major networks, so now is the time for scheming entrepreneurs  to get in on the ground floor.

Apparently former Squelch editors Kenny Byerly and David Duman are of this cunning and, frankly, untrustable nature, and have started a web-based program, Vlog Star, to get them some of that bottom land.  The premise of the show is nice and meta, in that it chronicles the adventures of a YouTube star who has fallen from glory and is attempting to viral-video his way back up to the top, all while ruining the lives of everyone around him, particularly his girlfriend Alexa.  It’s well into its second season, but at 2-3 minutes per episode, you can get through the whole series in an afternoon.  They’re incredibly watchable, and I reccomend going through all of them in one sitting.  I also reccomend this for the 23-hour documentary World at War, so you should not listen to me in this regard.

Also worth watching is the enjoyable spin-off Professor Youtube, which shows a good example of what I’ve been doing with Lady GaGa videos lately because I am convinced she is an elaborate joke that only I get.

So get watching; Vlog Star updates every week, so put that shit in your RSS folders or Google Reader or whatever you have that relieves you of the arduous task of actually going to other websites, you horrible sloth.



  1. It’s a little too elaborate:

  2. I like the uncomfortable moment when Paris suggests actually collaborating on a song.

  3. Also, thanks for the plug.

  4. It’s clips like this that make my simmering misogyny bubble over.

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