Heuristic Squelch Vol 18 Issue 5 Now Available

May 4, 2009
The League of Ordinary Gentleman

The League of Ordinary Gentleman

After several awful hours cramped up in 310 Eshleman, The Heuristic Squelch #18.5 is now available for your reading pleasure on Sproul, at several businesses that are particularly apathetic about what they will let people put in front of their doors (we’re looking at you, Ned’s), and, of course, online, at www.squelched.com, where it is available both in .pdf format and in html as soon as I remember whose job it is to put the articles online in text format (Spoiler: it is actually probably my job).

If you’re not doing anything right now, take the fifteen minutes to skim it; it’s one of our better-looking issues.  It’s also host to “Wrapture”, a piece I originally wanted to call “Twilight But With Mummies,” and “Crank: The Saga Continues,” both of which I am quite proud of.

We’re also still getting some of the kinks worked out as to who is doing what articles on what day and so forth, but expect more regular updates soon.  Until then, read the magazine.  Tell us what you think in the comments.


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  1. […] but with Mummies, now where could I have seen such a concept before?  Could it have been in our very own magazine?  Last year, […]

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